Laid-Off Marquette Teachers Coming Back

Good news for some laid-off Marquette teachers.

The school board is tearing up the pink slips that 7 of them got and throwing them into the trash.

During last night’s school board meeting, the board voted to call 7 teachers back to rejoin the school district full-time.

Budget cuts in the spring pushed quite a few teachers from full-time hours to part-time.

Superintendent Jon Hartwig says there’s been a lot of movement of teachers since then, and it created a need to bring people back.

The expansion of Vandenboom’s Child Development Center with new programs, and other new programs in the district, also spurred the recall.

New Marquette Athletic Coordinator Jamie Tuma, herself a former classroom teacher, says this is a sign of hope for the other teachers whose hours were cut and who are still waiting to be brought all the way back.