Teal Lake Swim Ready to Go

Earlier this week, the people behind the Teal Lake Swim for Diabetes were desperate for help.

But now they’ve had plenty of volunteers answer the bell.

In spite of the posted signs around the lake that say swimming is banned, there’ll be plenty of people in the water.

About 50 swimmers pre-registered, and more are expected.

The U.P. Diabetes Outreach Network said a few days ago they badly needed volunteers to get all of them signed up, and to watch over them while they swim.

But they’ve had a rush of interest since they said that, and now they’re in good shape.

Ann Constance of UPDON says they’ve been contacted by area business groups who’ve been willing to donate prizes.

And Olympic legend Mark Spitz has also been in touch with them since he set out for the event.

He’s not having any problems with his travel plans from Los Angeles.

Constance says with uncertain budgetary times everywhere, any money they can raise goes a long way.

She says like many other organizations, UPDON is facing a huge cut in funding come October when the new fiscal year starts.

The money that’s raised mainly helps out UPDON’s junior diabetes camp.

But some of it also gets spent on other UPDON services throughout the year.