Easter Seals Kids’ Speech Pathology Program in Danger

The Easter Seals Summer Speech Program has helped a lot of kids put words together.

But this summer, funding was cut dramatically, and the program needs help to keep going.

5-year-old Holden Larson-Maki has come to the program the past 2 summers, and it’s helped him with his words.

The goal is to help kids continue to work on their speech while school is out.

Speech language pathologist Amber Argall says some of the kids might not have that help during the summer otherwise.

This summer, about $20,000 of the program’s funding was cut.

That’s about two-thirds of its budget.

It means fees had to go up and they also needed to raise money.

They’re OK for this year, but Argall says they need more support to keep it going in the future.

If you want to donate to the Easter Seals Summer Speech Program, you can call 226-2702.