Teen Accused in Car Chase Pleads to Break-In

A Delta County 19-year-old pleads guilty to attempted larceny in a building for breaking into a camp.

In mid-March, Benjamin Johnson of Rock broke into a camp off of North Rock Road.

More than $100 in coins were stolen, along with knives, binoculars and a towing strap.

His jail time will be concurrent with whatever sentence comes out of his other case.

Johnson’s also accused of stealing a car in Rock a few days after the camp break-in and leading police on a 25-mile chase to Ford River Township.

The pursuit only ended when Johnson lost control and hit a Sheriff’s Department car that had been chasing him.

Police say Johnson told them that after stealing the car, he broke into the Perkins Store on M-35 to steal alcohol and cigarettes.

Johnson is in the Delta County Jail on $25,000 bond from that second case.