Beacon House Fundraiser

A nonprofit group that helps out people visiting the Marquette area for hospital stays needs some help itself.

Beacon House is trying to pay for badly-needed renovations through a U.P.-wide fundraising drive.

They call it “Extreme Makeover – Hospitality House Edition”.

The hope is to raise about $1.6 million for a new roof, renovations of the guest rooms and paying off the purchase of the building from 6 years ago.

So far, the drive has taken in about $250,000.

$100,000 of that just came from Marquette General Health System.

The unstable economy affects the ability of both business groups and individual people to give, and that’s bad news for groups like Beacon House that get 100% of their money from donations.

Guests aren’t charged a fee to stay at Beacon House, but they’re expected to donate whatever money amount would be comfortable for them.