Possible Buyers for Power Plant

Escanaba’s 50–year-old coal-burning power plant still isn’t up for sale yet, but the city is getting feelers from several companies who’d like to see it go on the market.

The city council recently asked around to see if anyone might want to buy it, and 4 companies have responded.

2 of them are from the U.P.

Those 2 are Weston Solutions of Houghton, and Traxys North America/White Pine Electric of White Pine.

DTE Energy Service of Ann Arbor is also interested, as is PCI Energy Capital of Schaumburg, Illinois.

Escanaba has been looking at different energy options for some time now.

Building a new coal plant, using wind energy and using wood-based biomass have all been ruled out.

Buying electricity wholesale is still on the table, along with keeping the plant going as is.