Long-Awaited New Bridge Near Completion

By now, drivers in Delta County may be so used to going around County Road 497 that they may not remember ever having a bridge there, over the Sturgeon River.

But it’ll soon be possible to cross the river in Nahma.

The bridge crossing has been closed since 1991, but a replacement is on the way.

The new 2-lane bridge cost more than $1.5 million and it should be finished within the next few weeks.

All that’s left to do is shoulder grading and putting in new guardrails.

Road Commission officials say they’re grateful for the federal and state funding they’ve received because they don’t have enough money at hand to carry out the project on their own.

The old bridge was 1 lane, rather than 2, and it closed after the deck had worn away enough to not be able to carry traffic safely anymore.

It’s now being used on the grounds of a golf course in Hannahville.