New mall owner ready for revitalization

New mall owner ready for revitalization

KINGSFORD — A mall in Kingsford is under new ownership.

There is reason for optimism at the Birchwood Mall in Kingsford. The mall is under new ownership by two men who are excited for its potential. Businessman Bill Neuens will be partnering with Jim Emmers to bring in more tenants and shoppers.

“We’ve touched base with several (tenants) and are in communications with some right now,” said Partner In Ownership of Birchwood Mall Jim Emmers, “they’re more big names so they will generate the traffic here which I think will help Penneys’ and Sears. We want to make sure they benefit in this transaction.”

Employees at both JCPenney and Sears are very excited about the change and what it will bring to their businesses and the Kingsford area as well.

“To keep the businesses going here and locally owned businesses especially,” said Birchwood Mall Sears Owner Jacki Bourassa, “we need the traffic, we need people to see what we have to offer.”

“We would always love to see more stores in here to get more traffic through the mall,” said JCPenny Human Resource Supervisor Tammy Gyselinck, “to make it more of a mall and we’re just excited. We’re hoping with the changes that comes with it.”

The changes that will be coming are with influenced by owner Bill Neuens; a very recognizable name in the area. Known for landscaping, hard work ethic, and being mechanically inclined Neuens will have plenty of successful experience to bring to the mall.

“He said ‘Jim I’m going to take pride in this property here,'” added Emmers, “he’s got many businesses here in the area which I think is going to feed into this whole idea of generating traffic. My obligation will be to fill this place up.”

Discussions with potential tenants are already taking place, and changes are expected to begin soon.