Nerdfighters host Can Madness Event

Nerdfighters host Can Madness Event

MARQUETTE — Local high school students learned a valuable lesson earlier today: “give and it will come back to you.”

Students at Marquette Senior High School joined together today for the first annual Can Madness Event. The goal was to fill a school bus with food pantry items for the Marquette Salvation Army. Twenty teams filled a bus seat as their entrance fee to a fun sporting tournament coming up.

Physical Education Teacher and Advisory Coordinator Karla McCutcheon says, “We’re actually heading into our Fourth Annual Ultimate Frisbee Tournament, and it’s something that our student body loves to do to culminate the year with – and one thing we’re trying to teach is to receive such a fun event we want them to give. The food pantry seems to start getting a little more empty this time of year, so we thought it would be a good gesture on our part, our students and staff, to refill that pantry.”

MSHS Sophomore Michael Halvorson says, “We are collecting cans for the Marquette food pantries in order to give people an Easter feast and all that. The Ultimate Frisbee Tournament is big deal around MSHS, and seeing this as the entry ticket it’s a great way to give back and to punch your ticket in Ultimate Frisbee Tournament, and it’s just an overall great time.”

Halvorson and other members of the high school service organization – called the Nerdfighters – organized the event along with the advisory program.