Man arrested for posting photos to ‘revenge’ website

Man arrested for posting photos to ‘revenge’ website

Kenneth Beadling, 20

Marquette Police have arrested Kenneth Bradley Beadling, 20, for ‘Unlawful Posting of Message,’ a two-year and/or $5,000 felony.

Marquette Police Department Detective Captain Gordy Warchock says Beadling was arrested Tuesday, November 12, in connection to an investigation that started October 19.

A woman who contacted the Marquette Police said after her relationship with Beadling ended, she found that the man had posted nude photos of her online without her consent – to a website apparently designed for revenge. She said acquaintances, and strangers, alerted her to the online photos.  The website  offers to remove the photos – for a $500 fee.

Marquette Police say Beadling has posted ten percent of his $10,000 bond and is scheduled for arraignment in Marquette County District Court next week.

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