Baraga County Sheriff’s Dept. plans upgrades

The Baraga County Sheriff’s department plans to upgrade its equipment and record-keeping system. Last night, the Baraga County Commission approved two upgrades. One involves replacing the department’s tasers with new devices that can carry up to 10 shots. Currently, the devices are limited to a single use before needing to recharge. The second project aims to help deputies with their daily duties by replacing the department’s current record-keeping system, which uses multiple platforms.

According to Baraga County Sheriff Joe Brogan, the current setup results in officers filing the same report in separate systems. Upgrading to a new program run by Core Technologies will enhance the department’s efficiency in paperwork filing, allowing officers to focus more on helping residents and protecting the community. While the unified filing system will cost the county more money than the current setup, Brogan emphasizes that the increased efficiency in record-keeping will outweigh the added costs.