$15 Minimum Wage in Michigan?

39% of Michigan residents are unable to meet their basic needs like housing, childcare, food, healthcare, and transportation.

The Michigan $15 minimum wage initiative has been officially certified for inclusion on the November 5th, 2024, ballot, with overwhelming support with over 610,000 signatures collected.

The bill will also end the two–tiered wage system by phasing out subminimum wages for workers with disabilities, youth, and tipped workers, who are currently paid $3.84 an hour.

Wages would see a $1 yearly increment, reaching the $15 target by 2027.

After 2027, the wage would automatically adjust with inflation, eliminating the need for future ballot drives or legislative interventions.

A company from Chicago, Illinois, One Fair Wage, is supporting this ballot initiative.

Saru Jayaraman, President of One Fair Wage said quote, “Service workers nationwide demand a livable wage, $15 minimum, a figure that isn’t just a number but a necessity for survival in any part of Michigan.” end quote.

With a growing number of Michigan residents – 1.5 million, struggling to meet their basic needs, it’s a call to mend the disparities in the system.


$15 Minimum Wage in Michigan?