UP Land Conservancy Launches Challenge Grant Campaign

MARQUETTE – The Upper Peninsula Land Conservancy (UPLC) has received a $120,000 challenge grant, and if they can secure an equal amount of donations and grants in 2023, The Carls Foundation will generously match every dollar donated. This grant has the potential to double the impact of every contribution, greatly benefiting UPLC’s conservation efforts.

UPLC has been working since 1999 to conserve the natural landscapes of the Upper Peninsula. Their focus is on protecting wildlife habitats, culturally significant landscapes, and open spaces for current and future generations. With the potential funding, UPLC aims to expand their land preservation and stewardship work. They have numerous potential projects waiting, including conservation easements, conservation partnerships, and co-managed nature preserves that prioritize threatened habitats.

The challenge grant offers an opportunity for the community to make a transformative difference in conservation. By donating to UPLC, individuals can have their contributions matched, effectively doubling their impact. The grant has the potential to help UPLC grow their staff, expand their programming, and strengthen their operations, all crucial to their mission of safeguarding the local environment and creating a lasting legacy for future generations.

To contribute to this cause and have your donation matched, visit uplandconservancy.org or call 906-225-8067. UPLC encourages everyone to spread the word among their friends, family, and colleagues, so they can also participate in this exciting challenge and amplify the impact of their contributions.


The Upper Peninsula Land Conservancy (UPLC) is a nonprofit organization and a nationally accredited land trust through the Land Trust Alliance. Their mission is to protect and preserve land and water across the Upper Peninsula for the benefit of the community, with the goal of ensuring a sustainable future.

UPLC works towards this mission by securing permanent, legal protection for lands and waters in the Upper Peninsula. They are dedicated to conserving natural habitats, cultural landscapes, and open spaces to maintain the region’s unique character and ecological balance.

To learn more about the Upper Peninsula Land Conservancy and their conservation efforts, you can visit their website at www.uplandconservancy.org. If you have any inquiries, you can also contact the Upper Peninsula Land Conservancy directly at uplc@uplandconservancy.org.