The Right Way: A Guide to Visiting the Keweenaw’s Montreal Falls

COPPER HARBOR – Local landowners and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) are promoting access to Montreal Falls through Fish Cove in Copper Harbor. This hidden gem, located off the beaten path, offers an unspoiled and less crowded experience. The trail from Fish Cove is not maintained, so hikers should be prepared for a slightly rugged journey along the rocky lakeside. Please note that accessing Montreal Falls via Smith Fisheries Road is considered trespassing.

To reach Montreal Falls, start in Copper Harbor, where you can find public facilities before beginning your adventure. From Copper Harbor, head east on US-41 until it becomes a dirt road. Continue on Mandan Road for about 7.5 miles and then turn left onto Hoar Lake/Fish Cove Road. This is a two-track, unpaved former logging road, so it is recommended to use a high-clearance vehicle. Follow the signs to Fish Cove, where you’ll find a rustic parking lot.

From the parking lot, hike a short distance south to the shore of Lake Superior. Look for a foot-worn hiking path that leads west along the lake. Follow this path for approximately a mile until you reach the serene and beautiful lower Montreal Falls. Keep in mind that Montreal Falls is not a groomed trail, so it’s important to be prepared with a map or GPS, as cell phone service is not available in the area. Bring water, wear sturdy footwear, and consider starting your hike early to avoid walking back in the dark. If you’re up for more adventure, camping in the surrounding Michigan State Forestland is an option.

Remember to pack all necessary supplies, including water and food, as there are no amenities at Montreal Falls. Leave No Trace principles should be followed, so pack out everything you bring in and respect the environment by staying on marked trails and avoiding littering. Montreal Falls is owned by the State of Michigan and is part of the Michigan State Forest system. Visitors are encouraged to adhere to state regulations and appreciate the natural beauty while preserving it for future visitors.