Wake Up and Walk with the Community

Upper peninsula health systems are regularly concerned about the health of individuals in communities. Staying active throughout your years, has been linked to better quality of life and reductions in developing illnesses such as heart disease and obesity. Starting next week UPHS – Portage has organized community walks with the cities of Houghton and Hancock. Offering an opportunity for residents to get out, get active, and get involved with meeting neighbors and new friends.

“Thee walks are going to develop as we start. The routes and the distances we walk each week will vary depending on the groups that come out. Initially we are planning for Mondays, starting June 19th, at the Houghton Waterfront Pier. And then on Wednesdays, starting next week, we will meet at 9am at the Scott Building in Hancock. And the plan is to incorporate some of out downtown(s). So we’ll be walking partly through downtown Hancock, and then the same when we start it up in Houghton.” – Angela Luskin, Community Health Coordinator, UPHS – -Portage

Houghton community walks will start next Monday at 9am. Houghton residents will meet at the waterfront pier each week for that community event, starting June 19th. Hancock’s community walks will take place on Wednesday mornings at 9 am. Attendees will meet at Scott building parking lot, starting next week.