Meet the Organizations with Giving Tuesday: Unite Mental Health and Wellness

Unitē Mental Health and Wellness opened their doors with the goal of filling gaps in mental health services in the Copper Country. Over the past year their group has brought on six therapists, and many patients seeking the tools and resources for improving their mental well being. Unitē Mental Health and Wellness was started by Angela Price and Beth Shannon, who saw the increased need within the community for mental health services during the pandemic, but few options for people to go to who do not qualify for public services at other local organizations.

“But now we are working with six therapists currently. So what we are going to do, is continue to fill those gaps in mental healthcare services. And then expand the services we have. The (other organizations) services we have here are excellent in our area, there just aren’t enough of them. And so really looking at identifying the gaps. And then we want to continue filling in those mental health service gaps.” – Angela Price, Co-Founder, Unitē Mental Health and Wellness

The gaps that Shannon and Price refer to are for people who may make just above the income cap limit for publicly funded mental services, but do not have the financial resources to pay for full services on their own. The group also works to provide office space for professionals, while taking care of their administrative tasks. And while they do not operate as a crisis center, they are resourceful in finding patients the care they need. Their organization is joining participants for the Portage Health Foundation’s Giving Tuesday campaign for the first time. They are excited to join the day of giving, and look  forward to meeting more members of the local community. Find out more about Unitē mental Health online at