Meet the Organizations with Giving Tuesday: Swedetown Trails Club

Swedetown Trails attracts outdoor enthusiasts from all over the Upper Peninsula, all year round. Offering great trail options for cross country skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, and mountain biking. For many years their trails club has created an area for people to recreate, and get active outside. Over their time as an organization, Swedetown Trails Club has worked to improve their trial system with the help of feed back from club members and those visiting their trails.

“We’re hauling gravel and dirt in the middle of summer to build some trail, the bikers go by, but they might stop to thank us. Or even engage us, so, we get a lot of feedback. And since we are accountable to our users and the community, we use that feedback to guide our decisions. I mean we are responsible for using the money wisely, but I think we are very closely engaged with our users. So we  know very well, what they want. And we get a lot of the feedback, and we know that we are doing the right things. And I’m sure if we did the wrong thing, we’d hear about it. (chuckles)” – Larry Zurawski, President Swedetown Trails Club

Like other trails club’s participating in Giving Tuesday, Swedetown Trails Club, hopes to use their donations toward trail improvements. And continue to provide an incredible area to ride, hike, or ski around. Find out more about the Swedetown Trails Club online. Check them out and 25 other Copper Country Nonprofits on