Meet the Organizations with Giving Tuesday: Superior Search and Rescue

Part of the Portage Health Foundation’s mission is creating happier and healthier communities in the Keweenaw Peninsula. With that goal in mind the foundation has spent a lot of time and money helping support various trail clubs and outdoor recreation groups in the Copper Country. But with outdoor recreation comes some risk. And that is why for the past four years, the superior search and rescue team has benefited from donations to the foundation’s giving Tuesday campaign.

“It’s a wonderful program, I can’t speak more highly of it. It gives an opportunity for smaller organizations, like ourselves, that you don’t really hear much about. To be able to have a little bit bigger platform, to work with, get out there into the community. The Portage Health Foundation is very focused on healthy living, and getting out there, getting recreational. Which is great for, both, our local economy and the public as a whole. But part of people going out and recreating in our area. you need some sort of safety net, and that’s what we provide.” – Darian Reed, President, Superior Search and Rescue

Superior Search and Rescue is an all volunteer based group who are dedicated to finding missing persons, off road rescues and making sure people have a fun and safe time in nature. The team hosts various training opportunities throughout the year, and have recently begun training other search and rescue teams in the Upper Peninsula. If you are interested in finding out more about joining their team, what SSAR has been up to over the past year, or some safety tips for outdoor recreation check them out on Facebook.