Meet the Organizations with Giving Tuesday: Dan Schmitt’s Gift of Music

Giving Tuesday helps highlight various non profits working in the copper country. Many are well known outside of the area, but others are not so well known. The Dan Schmitt Gift of Music may fall into the later category, but the work they do with kids in the region helps provide a creative outlet for their students. The non profit’s Treasurer, Charmaine Parsons, says that they are excited to make a return with Giving Tuesday, because the day helps remind the group that what they provide matters to the health of the community.

“We’re not in the main stream of providing kids meals, which are just wonderful programs, yet we’re still valued. And that, like when I got the check for our group last year, I cried. Because I’m just thinking, What? You’ve got to be kidding me. So, you never know what is out there until Giving Tuesday is done, and they call us down. So we’re so, so grateful. We do, because we are a non-profit, we do write grants, but it’s nothing like having your local community support your efforts.” – Charmaine Parsons, Dan Schmitt Gift of Music Treasurer

Parsons further expressed that while music lessons can get expensive, Giving Tuesday helps their group expand and bring on more students, instructors, and education opportunities to the community. Each summer Dan Schmitt’s Gift of Music the Farm Block Fest. An annual concert that gives a stage to students, alumni, and local artists. Outside of giving Tuesday farm block fest is the non profits largest fundraiser. If you want to learn more about Dan schmitt’s gift of music find them online at