Proposal 2: Add Provisions Regarding Elections

MICHIGAN – Proposal Two on Michigan’s 2022 Midterm Ballot would amend the State Constitution to add provisions regarding elections. The proposed amendment covers three aspects of the election process; election funding, the voting itself, and certifying election results.

When it comes to voting the official ballot language states that the proposed amendment would recognize the fundamental right to vote without harassing conduct. It would require military and overseas absentee ballots be counted if they were postmarked by Election Day. It would give voters the right to verify their identity with a photo ID or signed statement. It would require the state to fund absentee ballot drop-off boxes and postage for absentee applications and ballots. It would also require nine days of early, in-person voting.

When it comes to election certification the official language says that only state and local election officials would conduct post-election audits, and it would require canvass boards certify election results based only on the official records of votes cast.

The Amendment would also allow public sources and charities to fund elections so long as they disclose said donations.

Supporters of the proposal say that it offers flexibility for voters to cast their ballots, makes elections more accessible while ensuring election security, and strengthens democracy be removing barriers to voting.

Opponents say the proposal would open the election system to fraud and abuse, give more work to election staff, and offers little assurance for security and cost concerns when it comes to absentee voting.

If voted in the proposal would make several changes to the state constitution by allowing nine days of early, in-person voting, giving expanded access to absentee voting, and continuing to allow registered voters to show up on election day without a state ID to vote after signing an affidavit confirming their identity.

Donations could be used to fund elections so long as they’re disclosed to the public. Canvassing boards would only certify election results based on official vote counts, and post election audits would only be run by state officials.

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