MTU Inter-Residential Hall Council is Bringing Back SafeHouse to the Community

Halloween weekend is just around the corner, and the Michigan Tech inter resident hall council are excited to bring back a fun community and school tradition to full swing. Over the years Safe House has brought kids and students together to play games, explore haunted houses and do a little trick or treating. This year safe house will look more like people remember, than it did last year.

“Last year SafeHouse did look a little bit different with COVID restrictions, It was outside, it was quite cold. And I wasn’t really sure what SafeHouse was all about at the time. But since this is a Tech tradition, this is something that we really look forward too. And we’re really excited to be able to connect with community members and keep this tradition alive. We’ve got a lot of activities planned and we’re quite excited to see community members and keep the tradition going.” – Sammy Perrone, Sophmore MTU

Each resident hall on campus was quick to start planning for trick or treaters, picking out different themes for each hall. Throughout campus there will be games, and different activities. Even including a spooky version of a winter carnival favorite.

“DHH (Douglass Houghton Hall) Ballroom, we’re going to have, a haunted island, under the sea theme, kind of thing going on. There’s going to be prizes, and candy, food, arts and crafts, things like that. And also in the basement of Wads (Wadsworth Hall), we are going to have the Haunted Hallway. With activities along the way. So we’ve got, more arts and crafts, games, planned. And then we also have some things going on outside, we will have mummy broomball, and some sidewalk chalk. – Sammy Perrone, Sophmore MTU

Safe house at Michigan Tech with the Inter residential hall council will take place on October 29th, from 1 to 4 pm. The university asks attendees to park in lots 14 and 9, before making their way to the resident halls. Contact the IRHC with additional questions at The spooky fun times are found in Douglas Houghton Hall, Wadsworth Hall, and McNair Hall.

IRHC – SafeHouse