Calumet Hires Jered Ottenwess as New Village Manager

Calumet has a new Village Manager. Jered Ottenwess will receive an offer letter in the coming days from the village to take over the role from Amber Goodman. Ottenwess has previous experience as a Village Manager, and has served in Ishpeming, and Traverse City.

“But I mean to me, one of the other pluses with him is, he’s got years of experience dealing with difficult people, already coming in. Where I don’t think…she’s dealt with difficult people, but I don’t think on the scale that he has, and that’s of the biggest headaches we’ve got. It’s the reason we lost Amber. So I think he would be much better at handling that, just from the experience he’s had. And how he explained to us how he would handle those situations.” – Rob Tarvis Calumet Village President

Calumet will consult with the headhunter who found Ottenwess on the Village Manager salary. The village also tabled further action on hiring an Administrative Assistant, until the new manger can be on boarded. And will rescind their previously extended offer for the time being. Ottenwess will start following a background check, and salary negotiations, in about a month’s time.