Calumet to Begin Addressing Sidewalk Maintenance Enforcement

Calumet’s council will begin addressing the village’s sidewalk issue. Much of last night’s work session discussed the village ordinance and how they can begin more effectively enforcing it. Around the village many sidewalks are in disrepair and much attention. Currently the way the village’s ordinance is set up, the burden to fix sidewalks rests on property owners. Councilwoman Pam Que mentioned that the safety and walk-ability of historic towns is an essential part of bringing in tourism and further development. Thus fixing the sidewalks needs to become a higher priority for the village. Council members acknowledged that the public works department currently is too small to effectively enforce and help in repairs, as well as the rising costs of materials. Calumet’s next village council has been moved to this coming Monday, where they will discuss the ordinance and issue more in depth.