Keweenaw Waters Resort Receives Campground Approval from EGLE, MDHHS

HOUGHTON – The Keweenaw Waters Resort has finally received approval to begin construction on their campground. And while the letter from EGLE and MDHHS is much awaited, it has delayed the main portion of construction to next summer. But, Bradway Enterprises, the company that owns the property, said approval from the Michigan departments of Great Lakes and Energy and Health and Human Services is good news.

“So we were unable to plan to build anything, cause without the permit you really can’t get you supplies, or anything like that. You know, we were told we would get it within 30 days. And then it was gonna be a couple more weeks, and then another couple more weeks. And it just kept extending itself. Until, we finally did get the permit, but, you know, our construction season is so short. it’s just gonna have to wait until next year. This summer however, we’ll be building some of the cabins. There used in conjunction with the campground, but they’re available year round,. Where the campsite are seasonal. So they’ll operate like a short-term rental.” – Derek Bradway, Owner of Bradway Enterprises

Keweenaw Waters Resort will rest across from Coles Creek, within Houghton’s city limits, allowing easy access to water, sewer, and utilities. The future campground develops land formerly a part of the EPA’s superfund registry, and was delisted along with two other sites in the area. Both of the other sites have seen residential developments since then.

“So we have added two feet or more of cover, over top of the sands. It just makes those stamp sands that much more below everyone’s feet. You know, we have over 2,000 feet of waterfront, we are a mile-and-a-half down the Houghton-Canal Road. At some point in time we’d like to, if possible, to connect to the city of Houghton’s trail network. Which would then interconnect Keweenaw Waters resort all the way to the Nara nature Park.” – Derek Bradway, Owner of Bradway Enterprises

Bradway expressed gratitude for the area’s local leadership and representatives in Lansing for helping the resort gain approval. Keweenaw waters resort will begin work on their cabins this summer, with construction on campsites occurring next year. The resort hopes to create a positive impact on the local economy and recreation opportunities for tourists and residents.

Keweenaw Waters Resort