Keweenaw Co-Op Introduces Site Plan for New Downtown Location to the Hancock Planning Commission

HANCOCK – Keweenaw Co-op introduced their site plan to the Hancock Planning Committee. No action has been taken yet, until more details can be ironed out and the commission has a chance to go over the plans. The Co-op’s plans for the former Keweenaw Buick GMC dealership location, includes a couple of new additions to the building. The largest one will add close to 4,000 square feet to the main floor. Much of the property’s layout will remain the same, with customer parking occurring in the lot along Quincy Street. Employees will park in the back, close to the loading zone. Product will likely be stored in the basement and lifted with an elevator to the retail floor. The Co-op plans to have around 7,200 to 7,500 square feet of retail space, and if all goes well, an opening in downtown Hancock late summer 2023.