Negaunee water main break repaired

UPDATE: As of 8:15 p.m. Thursday the water main break has been repaired. Normal water consumption can resume according to a city Facebook post. Officials thanked Negaunee residents for conserving water throughout the day.
NEGAUNEE – The city of Negaunee is asking residents to conserve water from 8AM to 6PM on Thursday. A major water leak was reported at 11PM on Wednesday has been isolated to the Lincoln Street area. Crews have been working since then to make repairs to the system.
City officials say the water is safe to consume. Some residents closest to the leak may experience water discoloration caused by the sudden increase of water traveling through the watermain mixing with sediments found in the main.
Residents that experience this should run their water for several minutes or until the discoloration has cleared.
More information will be released later this afternoon.
Residents can conserve water by refraining from washing dishes or cycling the dishwasher. Residents should also avoid doing laundry and taking lengthy showers, etc.