Ontonagon Students Feeding Their Community on March 30th

ONTONAGON – Students feeding the community is something anyone can get behind. On March 30 the Ontonagon Schools Working Mobile Food Pantry will hand out food from Feeding America at the Ontonagon Fire Hall. The working mobile pantry is funded by the Portage health foundation and is a partnership between the organization and Ontonagon area schools.

Food insecurity is a very serious issue. In our community, around the country and around the world. And by partnering with Ontonagon Area Schools we’re able to bring in students, as well as some of the staff there. Come in and make this happen. And show people that it is happening in our community. And its… its alarming to be honest. When you go to these events and you see how many people are in need. The, you know, the line will be a mile long.” – Michael Babcock, Director of Marketing and Comm. for the Portage Health Foundation

The working mobile pantry will start at 2 pm at the Ontonagon fire hall. And attendees do not have to show ID or proof of need. Locals will only need to provide basic contact information. The portage health foundation plans to partner with Ontonagon area schools to provide a mobile food pantry throughout the year. Mobile Food Pantries at the Ontonagon Fire Hall are scheduled for June 16th, September 7th, and December 15th.