Mount Bohemia and Lac La Belle Lodge Settle on Copyright Dispute

LAC LA BELLE – The two sides in a Keweenaw copyright dispute came to an agreement last week. After nearly two years, the lawsuit over the name Mount Bohemia will be resolved. The Mount Bohemia Ski Resort filed suit against the Lac La Belle Lodge for sale of merchandise promoting the geological formation in the Keweenaw Peninsula. Last Monday, the two sides agreed that Lac La Belle would continue selling Mount Bohemia branded shirts and trinkets in their store until 2024. Lonnie Glibureman, Owner of the Mount Bohemia Ski Resort, said that he’s happy the situation is resolved.

“Both parties are reviewing the details, so, I don’t count anything as done until all the details are agreed upon. But we’re hopeful that we can put all of this behind us. You know, we’re a bit frustrated, Troy has now admitted that the sales were less than 1 percent of his gross sales for the year. So we’re a bit frustrated to learn that this was such a non-issue for Troy economically. That he tied up everybody’s time in court.” – Lonie Glieberman, Owner Mount Bohemia Ski Resort

We did reach out to the Westcott’s for a statement. To which they expressed gratitude that the situation has been cleared up, though were not willing to go on record. In a public facebook post from Cathy Wescott’s profile, the Lac La Belle Lodge announced that a settlement had been reached, and that they were happy to stand up for their principles.

“And let’s just be honest we found a good compromise that I think works good for them. Good for us. And allows for a sell off period. But we’re frustrated to hear how unimportant this was to Troy economically.” – Lonie Glieberman

The settlement seems fair, in part, because neither side appears to be rejoicing over the final decision. Both sides felt the mediator showed respect for both arguments. In turn, the two parties say they respect the final outcome.

Link to Lac la Belle Settlement Announcement