School threats a criminal matter



The Menominee County Prosecutor filed charges in relation multiple school threats today.

Five juveniles were charged in connection with making oral threats in two Menominee County Schools last week.

Prosecutor Jeffrey Rogg said school threats of any kind will not be tolerated.

“‘There are two separate incidents where I authorized a 20-year terrorism charge. I think the kids said they were kidding and joking. However, the legislature has given us a powerful tool in that circumstance where the punishment for going through with a terrostic (sic) threat,” Rogg said.  “If you intend to go through with it, we could still charge (you) with making a false threat of that nature. So even if you say later, oh, I was just kidding. You’re still guilty of the offense.”

Rogg recently sent a letter about the consequences of such threats to all five schools in Menominee County.

Criminal charges are not the only possible outcome for a student who makes a threat, he said.

There can be other unintended consequences.

In addition to the traditional penalties that you might think about being imposed by a court, parents and students should also think a little farther down the road,” Rogg said. “They may want to go to college. A conviction like this, or even a charge may prevent that.  It may prevent federal financial aid. It may prevent entry into the U.S. Armed Forces. And its certainly something that would have to be disclosed on a job application in the future.”

See the entire letter from the Menominee Prosecutors Office at the link below.