Delving into COVID-19 testing and treatment

Health Department to hold COVID-19 booster clinic before Christmas.

ISHPEMING – Fighting COVID-19 seems to be all about timing.

Having access to testing, vaccines, and treatment can sometimes be a challenge.

In an exclusive interview, Marquette County Health Department Medical Director Bob Lorinser said convenient access is the key.

“The Westwood Mall probably does 60% the last time I looked at it, about a week ago. They did 60 percent of all the diagnostic testing in Marquette County – out of that one little center.” Lorinser said. “And why is that? It’s open seven days a week, it’s accessible and it’s free.”

Lorinser said access to testing, vaccines and monoclonal antibody treatment could all be improved with what he called a “one-stop-shop.”

“You come on in, you can get tested for COVID and or influenza, both or neither,” Lorinser said. “You can come in and get tested, you can get vaccinated for either one. And if you are positive for COVID and you meet the criteria – step over here and get monoclonal antibodies, a one stop shop. So what we’re trying to do is take away the obstacles for people to get tested , vaccinated or monoclonals.”

A two week wait for a COVID-19 booster shot was one of the things that Lorinser said is unacceptable.

“So there are plenty of obstacles, I think, for testing, vaccination and for monoclonals if you just limit yourself to COVID,” he said. “Most of them can be removable. A lot of them would require a cooperative effort between the providers. And I would say in this case it would be the health department, the medical providers, the media, the hospital. Everybody has to get together on this. I am tired of people (where) – all we’re doing is reporting numbers and deaths.”

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