Ahmeek Fire Dept. Receives Unexpected and Appreciated Donation

The Ahmeek Volunteer Fire Department is dedicated to serving citizens in the village and around the Copper Country. Now it was someone else’s turn to rescue the department. A generous anonymous donation put the department $30,000 closer purchasing a new rescue truck.

Michael DeFina is the Grant Administrator for the department. He said the donation was unexpected but very much appreciated.

Even after the large donation, the department is still $23,000 short of their goal. There is also a lot of work necessary to fully equip the truck. This Saturday Ahmeek’s firemen will serve the community in another way, through their annual spaghetti dinner. DeFina said the crew has been working for days prepping the sauce using their highly guarded homemade recipe.

The Ahmeek Fire Spaghetti Dinner starts at 12, noon on Saturday. All orders will be carryout only.  But, when you pick up dinner, be sure to pick up a 50/50 raffle ticket.

The winning ticket will be picked at around 6 pm. DeFina said the support of residents has made all the difference in the Fire Department’s efforts to keep the community safe.