Marquette Police Department Announce Parking and Road Closures Due To Ore To Shore

Marquette, Mich – Tomorrow is the big day for mountain bikers in the Upper Peninsula.

The ore to shore bike race will be in action and the race will end at the Lakeview Arena in Marquette.

The Marquette Police Department is warning the public of severe delays.

They say don’t travel in the area unless you have to.

“It’s a good time to advise motorists and pedestrians that the City of Marquette will be very busy. I think the Ore To Shore is expecting a really large turnout this year and in the city on the east side at the YMCA and Lakeview Arena parking lot area,” said Captain of the Marquette Police Department. “So if it is possible for motorists to avoid those areas, it would help keep those areas that much safe.”

Powdermill Road and Pine Street will be closed as well as several streets between Presque Isle Avenue and North Lakeshore Boulevard.

Parking will be available at the Berry Events Center.