Ellie Mackay talks teammates & leadership

Courtesy: Michigan Tech Athletics

ISHPEMING, Mich. – Ellie Mackay is the reigning GLIAC Player of the Year, and has been named an honorable mention All-American but when Connor Sturgill talked with Mackay she gave all her praise to her teammates.

CS: Now Ellie obviously your highlights and achievements are pretty well known, but what about your other teammates? Any others that don’t get the credit they deserve?

EM: That’s  a great question…I think all my teammates deserve all the credit. I don’t want to list one single person that deserves all it, because I truly believe that everyone deserves a lot of recognition. Two players I can say that I am very grateful for are our seniors last year, Cassidy Trotter and Ballie McGirk. I give a lot of credit for leading them to where we got, and the success of that season is because of them.

CS: Obviously you are such a team first player Ellie, and you mentioned those seniors that really helped you out but now you are a leader of this Huskies team! What kind of impact do you want to make on the team for this coming season?

EM: I thought about this, and I just want to make a positive impact on my teammates lives. I don’t think people remember statistics, awards or any of that. What matters to me most is the positive impact I can make on my teammates and those around me in the community. Looking back I want be to say that she was a great teammate, and I think that mean more to me that award or accolade.