Calumet restaurant changes course

In less than 24 hours, Café Rosetta went from a determined stand to remain open to trying a different tack as it works to resolve its dispute with the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. Judge Wanda Stokes said closing temporarily was a prerequisite to having MDARD lift the suspension of Rosetta’s business license. That is exactly what has happened.

Attorney David Kallman, who represents Café Rosetta and appeared in 30th Circuit Court on the restaurant’s behalf last week, spoke with Keweenaw Report on Monday. He said he was pleased with that hearing.

The judge had basically said, “I’m giving 15 days” for the parties to sit down and talk about licensure. Essentially, I took it as the judge was saying, “Try to work this thing out.”

After a discussion with Rosetta Co-Owner Amy Heikkinen, the café closed Saturday morning and it had remained shuttered through at least Tuesday morning, we can confirm. Café Rosetta ignored previous restraining orders demanding it comply with pandemic orders that closed bars and restaurants to indoor dining in December and January. It had previously been cited civilly for contempt in the amount of $7,500, which it has paid.

MDARD revoked the establishment’s business license during the tiff and has yet to reinstate it. As long as the license is yanked, Café Rosetta is not allowed to operate, even if it is in compliance with the most recent pandemic order and all other rules and regulations.