Kids Cove playground in Marquette set to be replaced

MARQUETTE — A popular playground in Marquette is set to be replaced.

The Kids Cove, located in Mattson Park, has been around since 1996. Wooden playgrounds like the Kids Cove have a lifespan of 25 years, which is quickly approaching.

So, the Marquette Playgrounds for All Committee and the City of Marquette decided to take action.

“It’s really important that Kid’s Cove exists,” said Jon Swenson, Director of Community Services for Marquette. “Obviously it’s really popular. So we want to make sure it’s there for everyone for years to come. We’re shooting for a 30-35 year lifespan on the next [playground]. We want it to be around for many generations.”

The new cove will feature state–of–the–art surfacing, so that anyone can play on it, even those with handicaps.

Recently, the city of Marquette was approved for a $300,000 grant through the DNR to fund the project.

The committee and city of Marquette want as much input from the community as possible, which they hope to achieve with upcoming meetings.

Work is set to begin in 2022. More information can be found on the project’s website here.