Fire Station buys billboards in Wisconsin, encouraging out of state customers to come to UP

NEGAUNEE — A local cannabis provisioning center is reaching out to customers from out–of–state.

Since opening its doors, the Fire Station has quickly become a popular destination for those seeking marijuana. Many of their customers come from states where marijuana might not be fully legal, and the store is reaching out to people in those states with 5 new billboards. The billboards are designed to encourage customers to visit the UP, and educate them at the same time.

“A lot of it is about education, too,” said Jeremy Johnson, Marketing Director for the Fire Station. “This is something that [the customers] can’t bring back with them if they’re going back to Wisconsin, or any state for that matter. But they can enjoy it while they’re here. So it’s making sure that they know it’s available, but also they know the rules around it.”

The new billboards are located between Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin and Menominee, Michigan, and are designed locally by Mike Forester.

Along with raising awareness about legal cannabis in Michigan, the Fire Station hopes to raise awareness about everything else the UP has to offer.