USDA announces funds to improve water quality for two UP cities

WASHINGTON — The United States Department of Agriculture has granted funds to two UP cities, to modernize drinking water and wastewater infrastructure.

The City of Manistique will use an $800,000 loan and $300,000 grant to fund a sewer main.

The sewer interceptor failed under Highway US–2 on the west side of Manistique. An emergency sewer repair was necessary to prevent raw sewage from discharging into the Manistique River and to prevent backup into homes and businesses.

The City of Munising will use a $648,000 loan and $1,852,000 grant to replace part of the sewer main.

The existing main in this section of M–28 was installed in the 1930s, and is susceptible to infiltration and inflow of ground water into both the system and subsequent sewage treatment. The removal and replacement of the aged collection lines will greatly improve the quality and reliability of wastewater collection.