Historical Marquette Audio Tours brings historic subjects to life with audio storytelling

MARQUETTE — The Marquette Regional History Center is giving people an opportunity to learn about the area’s history in a lifelike way.

The Historical Marquette Audio Tour brings historical figures to life by telling their stories and how they relate to Marquette’s history.

While the tours are educational, they’re also entertaining, and can provide people a deeper appreciation for the area in which they live.

“It’s incredibly entertaining, and it’s a great way to learn about the place you live,” Said Betsy Rutz, Museum Educator. “It gives you new respect for the place you live, to think about the fact that wow, people have been here long before me, and what did they do while they lived here? What other stories happened in this place? And so it really gives you that sense of home and a good sense of ownership of place.”

The audio tours replace the popular Historic Marquette Bus Tours, which couldn’t be held due to the COVID–19 pandemic.

Historical reenactors narrate and provide insight into the featured subjects, which include Teddy Roosevelt and his visit to Marquette, the mansion on Longyear, a commercial fisherman, and more.

A map is available for those who wish to follow the audio tour and visit the locations mentioned.

The audio files are $5, and can be found here.