Beth Millner Jewelry selected as Michigan’s Woman-Owned Small Business of the Year

MARQUETTE — A local business owner has received statewide recognition for her work.

Beth Millner Jewelry in Marquette was selected as the Woman-Owned Small Business of the Year by the Michigan Small Business Administration and Michigan Celebrates Small Businesses.

The award recognizes a small business for its innovation, philanthropy, performance, and workplace culture.

Millner says she wasn’t expecting to be selected for the honor when she was nominated, but she’s proud to have been selected among so many businesses throughout the state.

“A small business is any business under 500 employees, and so to get recognized of all woman business owners through the whole state, and I only have seven employees, I’m pretty flattered,” Millner said. “I think some of it is our philanthropic things that we do, like our fundraiser jewelry and fundraiser masks. We’ve sold thousands of masks since the pandemic started. So some of that makes me feel a little more validated in the award now that we’ve really pivoted and helped the community in that regard as well. But really it’s not just me being a woman that owns a business; it’s the staff that I have and the hard work that they’ve put into helping make this happen.”

The jewelry store’s latest fundraiser recipient is the Marquette Community Foundation. Proceeds from the sales of certain items will contribute toward an arts and an environmental grant through the foundation.

Partnerships like that are just one of the ways Beth Millner Jewelry contributes to the community. Millner says this recognition is also shining a spotlight on the Marquette area.

“I never really thought, ‘I’m a woman business owner.’ I just think, ‘I’m a business owner,'” said Millner. “But to be recognized in that regard and for people to see that a woman can run a business like this and be really successful is quite flattering. And I think it brings a lot to our community and to our town because we’re quite involved as it is, and I think to get those accolades and that special recognition for Marquette to say we have vibrant businesses and we’re doing a lot here is really great across the whole state too.”

Millner would like to remind anyone in need of a mask that there are a variety of options available both in-store and online at