MARQUETTE — One of Marquette’s most popular events, the UP Fall Beerfest, has been cancelled.

The announcement comes as COVID–19 cases continue to rise, and crowd size restrictions remain in place.

While event organizers remained hopeful early in the summer, as the COVID–19 pandemic progressed, it became clear that holding an event of this size wasn’t possible.

“While we were waiting to see if there might be some possibility to do the event, it’s just become clear that it’s not the right idea this year,” said Scott Graham, Executive Director of the Michigan Brewers Guild. “While it’s a sad, painful decision, it’s pretty clear to us that it’s the right one to cancel the event for this year.”

In order to have the event, the guild would have had to get approval from the governor’s office, along with Michigan being in the final stage of its reopening plan.

According to Graham, the guild was already behind in planning the event, which factored into the decision making.

The guild hopes to bring the event back for 2021.