Marquette Symphony Orchestra releases “Virtual Concert” video

MARQUETTE — The Marquette Symphony Orchestra released a video of a virtual performance on Saturday, April 18th.

Originally, the orchestra was set to give their final concert of the 2019–2020 season on Saturday but because of the coronavirus outbreak, they decided to create a virtual performance in its place.

“We do feel a certain connection to the community and a responsibility,” said Janis Peterson, Concertmaster for the Marquette Symphony Orchestra. “We are the soul healers of this community and right now, there are a whole lot of souls that need healing. So it was our way to give the musicians an outlet for their souls. Also for us to come together without being in the same room and do something for our community.”

Last month, the Marquette Symphony Orchestra announced the postponement of the “Spring Collaborations” program because of COVID–19. That will now be held on September 19th to open up the orchestra’s 24th season.

For more information on the Spring Collaboration concert, click here. 

To watch the video of their last performance, click here.