Local authors share writing in support of UPHS staff with Hearts to Hearts Pandemic Literary Project

MARQUETTE — The Marquette Poets Circle is a group of area writers who meet each month to discuss poetry, participate in workshops, and much more. When the COVID–19 pandemic struck, the Marquette Poets Circle found a way to use their creative skills to lift the spirits of UPHS workers. The project is called Hearts to Hearts.

“I thought it would be good for our staff to receive poetry, as well as share their own poetry, stories, personal experiences, and that they would have the opportunity to publish or submit their feelings,” says UPHS-Marquette Chaplain Marlin Kilpatrick. “We also express our feelings of gratitude, and our prayers and thoughts are with them.”

In addition to being the Spiritual Care and Volunteer Services Coordinator for UPHS-Marquette, Rev. Kilpatrick is a member of the Marquette Poets Circle himself. He knows firsthand the power of words, and he says that the works submitted to the Poets Circle’s website have been a great encouragement to the staff.

“This means so much to me, to see people expressing what’s on their heart and what they’re going through,” Rev. Kilpatrick says. “Also seeing people’s sense of gratitude for the people on the frontlines, knowing the sacrifices that they’re making and the things that they’re going through, not only here at work, as they go back home to their families. So the response of the community and the sharing by these poets has meant a lot to our staff here.”

Anyone is welcome to submit their writing, no matter their age or level of experience. Rev. Kilpatrick says it’s all appreciated by those working on the frontlines. He also believes this collection of poems and stories will serve as a reminder to our community in the future of how this unusual time felt, as well as how the power of words helped us through.

“I want to really encourage anyone of any level to share their poetry, their short stories, fiction, non-fiction, or experiences on our website,” Rev. Kilpatrick says. “I think that it will mean so much to us as we look back on this period of time here in our community, what historically this literature will mean and people will reflect on it in the future.”

To submit writing for or to learn more about the Hearts to Hearts: 2020 Pandemic Literary Project, visit the Marquette Poets Circle on their website or Facebook page. You can also contact Rev. Kilpatrick at marlin.kilpatrick@mghs.org for more information on the Poets Circle or the Hearts to Hearts Project.