DNR warns public about dangers of vehicles on frozen bodies of water

MARQUETTE COUNTY — With the warmer temperatures flowing across the U.P. there have been incidents of ice becoming very weak and vehicles falling through.

The DNR would like to remind residence that with the temps reaching above freezing that the ice on bodies of water will start to melt. Therefore, it is recommended to not be going out on the ice with vehicles and or heavy equipment.

These can lead to dangerous conditions for drivers as well as other individuals who may be fishing on the bodies of water. It’s also very expensive if a vehicle falls through the ice and it can become even more pricey if there are contaminants.

“So typically when a vehicle, whether it is a snowmobile, four-wheeler, and or a full sized truck goes through the ice it basically starts out as a fine for littering,” said Josh Boudreaux, Conservation Officer for the DNR. “This fine is up to $2,500. From that point if there is any release of any fluids or contaminants such as, motor oil, gasoline, diesel fuel and anything that could potentially come from the vehicle and cause damage to the ecosystem down below. There are fines up to $25,000 a day for those contaminants.”

It’s always best to keep vehicles off the ice since no ice is safe ice. For more information you can contact the DNR and learn more about ice safety and what to do in case of an incident.