Marquette County Sheriff’s Office reminds drivers to stay sober this Christmas

MARQUETTE COUNTY — Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and that means people will be attending parties, going to special events, and traveling from place to place. Local law enforcement want to remind everyone about the importance of staying sober behind the wheel.

According to the Michigan State Police, as of mid–December, the number of serious injuries at this time of the year has increased from 2018. Injuries and fatalities as a result of impaired driving tend to increase during the holiday season. Marquette County Sheriff Greg Zyburt says that potential accidents can be avoided by planning ahead for a ride home from an event where you know you’ll be drinking.

“If you’re going to partake or go to a party, think ahead of time about how you’re going to get home,” said Marquette County Sheriff Greg Zyburt. “Sometimes you’re not realizing how many you’ve had to drink, and once you’ve started drinking or smoking marijuana, your ability to drive and make good decisions is impaired. So have a plan beforehand. Maybe have someone come and get you or call a cab or an Uber.”

Sheriff Zyburt says that responsible drivers should be extra cautious over the holidays, watching out for any drivers who may be impaired. If you see a vehicle that you think may have an impaired driver behind the wheel, keep your distance to stay safe and to alert authorities.

“If you see someone who is driving erratically, try to get a license plate, but don’t follow them at their speed, just stay behind them,” said Sheriff Zyburt. “But get the license plate and call 911 to let them know, and they’ll get the closest car to check out the situation.”

The Marquette County Sheriff’s Office hopes that everyone will take the proper precautions in order to have an enjoyable and safe Christmas.