Houghton County residents rush to make last minute purchases

Downtown Houghton

HOUGHTON — We are less than two days from Christmas and the last minute shopping frenzy is on. That means a rush at the malls, competing for parking spaces, and navigating the crowds inside retail stores. It’s estimated that 16 percent of shoppers wait until the week of the holiday to finish Christmas shopping.

Houghton may not have all the bells and whistles of larger cities but we are almost always guaranteed to have a white Christmas and this year is no different. The streets are buzzing with holiday spirit and last minute shopping.

We caught up with Trevor Smith and his daughter shopping in downtown Houghton. He says, “Well, we’re just looking for something for her grandpa, my dad. Just cooking utensils and everything like that. He’s a big chef so. “

Could be that one person you forgot to get a gift for or a last minute return or exchange. Whatever it is retailers know the hours leading up to Christmas will mean more customers going to stores in search of that perfect gift.

Russell Smith admits he waited until the last minute too saying, “It’s going great. I just have to get one more gift for my dad. I can’t say what it is because he’ll probably read this.”

On average Americans are spending about one-thousand dollars, that’s up four percent from last year.

A lot of Houghton residents are remembering to shop locally. They say it’s easier and a lot better for the economy.

Randy Karpinen agrees saying, “It keeps things local and it keeps the money local. It’s nice to have the variety, you know, I think it is important. I mean sometimes you might have to pay a little more but then sometimes you can get things cheaper too, so.”

Wherever you decide to shop or make your last minute purchases be sure to hang onto those receipts. The day after Christmas is one of the busiest days for returns.