NMU hosts 120th Mid-Year Commencement with 512 students graduating

MARQUETTE –Northern Michigan University held its 120th Mid-Year Commencement this past weekend where NMU students took their first steps into the post-college world.

The ceremony took off with many speakers including President Fritz Erickson, Provost and Vice President Kerri Schuling and many other NMU faculty members. NMU’s Superior Dome was also filled with over hundreds of people that were either attending the graduation as new graduates or as family and friends.

On behalf of the class of 2019, a student who came from the armed forces gave a powerful speech for everyone who attended the ceremony. Not only was the speech by Mr. Connor B. Loftus powerful, but also inspiring to all the new graduates that will be leaving NMU.

“It will now be our job to take all the love and support at our time here at NMU and put it in to action to change the world,” said Connor B. Loftus, NMU Student Speaker. “That seems like a lot of pressure and it is. But we have done it on a smaller scale here and have been given the tools to succeed. I have no doubt that we can all do it on a large scale and be just as successful. When people come to us and ask how we have been so successful, we can look them in the eye and say ‘I am an NMU Wildcat.’ Congratulations to all of the graduates and Go Cats!”

This NMU commencement had 512 students graduated during this 120th Mid-Year Commencement and 355 students walked across the stage on December 14th, 2019.