Ladies Day out in Ishpeming

ISHPEMING — Wednesday, November 20th, Ishpeming’s will be hosting Ladies Day. The event has been changed to Ladies Day instead of night in order for people to have the chance to look at all the stores in a reasonable time. 

This event is something that’s been happening annually for almost 10 years now. Ladies Day is where owners open their doors and deals for the public to sample. Even though Black Friday is two weeks away, this is a great way for businesses to get the public’s attention.

“A great opportunity for people top come out and see our area businesses,” said Tracy Magnuson, President of Ishpeming Community events and part owner of Iron Range Agency. ” See what they have to offer. We’ve got the Bell Auxiliary, who sells clothing. We have other area businesses that have rare earth, they have fabulous lunches. A lot of, even Marquette people, don’t go up the hill to see what Ishpeming really has to offer. We have a lot of area business that have great stuff.” 

Ladies Day will be happening all over Ishpeming. For more information such as locations and times, click here.