Area soldiers remind families to remember those overseas

HANCOCK — The holiday season is just around the corner and both local businesses and military families are using special care packages to make sure the troops are not forgotten. It’s a simple gesture but it can mean the world to service members stationed overseas.

After serving in the military for eight years Staff sergeant Robert Lintz now calls Houghton home. On Tuesday we caught up with him at the Copper Country Career complex for high school students. He serves as a recruiter for high school seniors thinking about going into the armed services.

“I’ve served at Fort Hood, Texas, Fort Stuart, Georgia, Fort Polk, Louisiana, Germany, Estonia, Poland, Lithia, Lithuania, and Afghanistan. During those tours we would get packages from kids from school with pictures and notes written that said thank you for your service. It was wonderful. It really lightened up the mood and really felt like home,” Lintz said.

In addition to shipping tons of holiday fruitcakes and cheese the U.S. Postal Service also hires additional help to assist in getting soldier care packages shipped on time. Some of the more requested items include letters from home, shaving materials, and soap.