Safety tips for Halloween night

MARQUETTE– Halloween will be upon us in the coming weeks and its time for parents to start preparing ways to keep their children safe on that night. 

With this holiday approaching, tons of kids will be out in the streets unsupervised or with a large group of people. Many incidents such as kidnappings and injuries occur on this night so it is always advised to plan ahead. Ishpeming, Negaunee, and Marquette Police Departments will be out to try and keep things as orderly as possible.

“The city will be designating some hours here at the next commission meeting,” said Blake Rieboldt, Marquette County Police Chief. “Commission has taken it upon themselves to institute hours for trick or treating here in the city of Marquette. Specially between the hours of 4 PM and 7 Pm. Also try and wear bright clothing in dealing with dimmer lighting situations throughout the evening. We encourage people to inspect and make sure the appropriate stuff is being handed out during the trick or treating process.” 

If there are any problems on Halloween night such as altercations with other people, you can contact your local police department.