Preparing for inclement weather on the roads this winter

MARQUETTE COUNTY — With temperatures cooling down over the last few weeks, it’s time to start preparing for winter weather. One of the most important places to be prepared is in your car.

With the amount of snow the Upper Peninsula gets each winter, driving can be very dangerous at times.

Authorities say the best way to stay safe in inclement weather is to simply stay off the roads altogether. This particularly applies on days where low visibility is an issue.

Of course, sometimes travel can’t be avoided. Marquette Fire Department engineer Matt Jackson says that the next best thing you can do is tell someone where you’re going and when they should plan on your return.

“If you do have to travel by car, make sure that you let somebody know when to expect you,” said Jackson. “If you don’t show up on time, let them know to call authorities. “Other ways to prepare are to keep some water with you, a spare set of clothes, a warm jacket, a warm blanket, and hats and gloves are always nice to have. We always recommend that you don’t use a cell phone but that you do take your cell phone with you in case you do get stranded and need to use it to call somebody.”

In addition to keeping supplies in your car, Jackson says it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the National Weather Service. Being aware of what the weather will be like before you’re driving in it will help you to be better prepared for what you’ll have to deal with.

It is also recommended if you know certain roads tend to ice over in inclement weather, that you avoid using those roads in favor of alternate routes.